Tonya Huff


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"Impacts of human trampling and periodic sand inundation on Southern California intertidal algal turf communities: Implications for conservation and management of rocky shores"



Russ and Eloise Duff CMBC Student Fellowship   2004

San Diego Foundation Blasker Environment Grant   2004

Edna Bailey Sussman Environmental Internship   2003 , 2004

Mia Tegner Memorial Fellowship   2002

Graduate Women in Science Outstanding Undergraduate   1997

United Way Outstanding Volunteer Service   1995

Marlin Perkins, Mutual of Omaha Wildlife Heritage Trust   1994



B.S. Environmental Studies, Biology emphasis, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

B.F.A. Photography emphasis, University of Nebraska, Lincoln



Rogers-Bennet, L., P.L. Haaker, T.M. Huff, and P.K. Dayton.   2002. Estimating baseline abundances of abalones in California for restoration. CalCOFI Report 43: 97-111.